The images below are showing examples of how you can use the free clips with our mats to make your special "One Of A Kind" film cell.   Makes the perfect gift for any movie lover.



















Some of the clips we have are shown below so you can see a competted one "Twilight", "Batman Returns", "Beauty & The Beast", "Starwars", "Brave" and "The Little Mermaid", ready to list, they should be listed within the next few days.   The ones shown are very limited.




A "film cell" is a single section of 35mm film cut from an actual print of a particular movie. It contains the image, four sprocket holes on each side, and the soundtrack on the left side. The 35mm reel is a series of frames when run through a projector, frame by frame, producing a motion picture. A single still frame of your favorite character, movie scene, or TV series is what is called a Film Cell. Each frame or film cell are of high image clarity and sharpness, since they are taken from the original 35mm film footage. They are a great quality in color or black & white of individual clips. Having a film cell is like having a piece of the movie. With the coming of the digital age they will be phased out completely one day soon.




All film cells, filmcells, cels and collectible items manufactured with 35mm film are being sold from one collector to another with no rights given nor implied.

The sale of these film cell collectibles is not associated with, endorsed by nor licensed by any Movie Studio or Subsidiary of any Movie Studio.

Rare Master theatrical prints were not used in the manufacture of these items and thus none of our film heritage was destroyed in the process.

These film cell items are derived from previews and other film elements lawfully obtained which do not infringe upon trademark, copyrights or right to publicity et al.